Fencing: What Type of Fence Works For You?

There are many reasons for putting up a fence. Before you purchase the materials, spend time doing research about what type of fence to select. Explore the reasons and need for a fence. It will help you to decide what type of fence will serve your needs. Once you have sorted out the reason for the fence, then, decide what type of fence will work best for your property. When you select your fence material, consider the weather patterns that affect your region. In the long run, this important step will save you money. Selecting the wrong type of fence will cost money and time invested, so make a wise choice. Consult with fence experts to gain insight into choosing the correct fence material. Depending upon the region and weather for your area, some fences might not be well suited for your property location.

If privacy is your main reason for a fence, choose a stockade type of fence made from wood or vinyl.  Stone, brick, wood, metal, chain link, and vinyl are the most common types of fence materials used for fences.  To secure your yard, and to make a safe play area for your children and pets, a chain link fence may suffice. You can purchase decorative slats for the fence which affords some privacy as well. If you would like a functional and decorative fence, there are several options available such as a wrought iron material or fences made of wood or vinyl. Consider the height of the fence to be installed and check the city codes and homeowner association (HOA) rules. Do this step prior to purchasing fence materials. Before beginning your fence project, remember to obtain the correct property lines. As well, consider your adjoining neighbors because you may need to make them aware that you will be installing a fence. Legally, you have a right to choose the fence style and material that you desire. But to avoid problems, make sure you adhere to city code and HOA guidelines before investing money installing a fence.

Budget, time, quality, and maintenance of the fence are all important items to consider when it comes to choosing the fence type, materials, and hardware. Stick to your budget because you do not want to run out of funds and materials and end up with a half finished fence. Select a timeline that will allow for the fence completion. If you hire a fence installation company, make sure they are reputable and that they can work with the type of fence material chosen. If you are planning a DIY fence installation project, gather the correct tools and materials. If you hire helpers, add insurance to cover any mishaps until the project is completed. Before your project begins, talk to your insurance agent about coverage under your current homeowner policy. Your new fence will be a property improvement that will last for many years. The correct type of fence will add to your home’s curb appeal and assessed property value.

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